Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Opera is now 10 years old!

My favourite browser, is now 10 years old and the team is having an online party to celebrate this. Join them for the party and get free registration codes!!!! They are giving away registration codes for as long as the party lasts! Hurry!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Summer school in International Hall

This summer my hall of residence, International Hall, has become the home of summer school students from the US. Well, I found out that their knowledge of the english language is in some way poor, they don't seem to understand the notices on the wall. Take a look at the following picture and draw your own conclusions! (Click on it to see it bigger).

Well I know now why the DVD room smells so badly every time I visit it!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Local CVS on Netbeans! A nice treat!

I must admit, I have been trying to setup CVS in Netbeans for quite a long time now. I don't have a CVS server available, so I was trying to set it up as local CVS. I have some network drives mapped, that are connected to some intranet servers, so I wanted to have a directory there that would be the local CVS. It would be nice, because I could have all my versions of files and at the same time a good backup in case my hard disk fails.
After months of searching and trying to set it up in my spare time, I finally managed to do it. I confess I read all the fine manuals about CVS and also how to setup CVS in Netbeans. No luck at all. There was no material about how to set up a local CVS in Netbeans, although there was a resource in the website of CVS about doing it using the command line. Following the step by step guide there, I found out that the problem I had setting it up before was that I didn't initialise the directory I wanted CVS to use... Therefore, finding out that it is so easy to setup local CVS in Netbeans I decided to create a small tutorial explaining the steps.

Setting up a local CVS in Netbeans 4.1