Monday, August 15, 2005

Local CVS on Netbeans! A nice treat!

I must admit, I have been trying to setup CVS in Netbeans for quite a long time now. I don't have a CVS server available, so I was trying to set it up as local CVS. I have some network drives mapped, that are connected to some intranet servers, so I wanted to have a directory there that would be the local CVS. It would be nice, because I could have all my versions of files and at the same time a good backup in case my hard disk fails.
After months of searching and trying to set it up in my spare time, I finally managed to do it. I confess I read all the fine manuals about CVS and also how to setup CVS in Netbeans. No luck at all. There was no material about how to set up a local CVS in Netbeans, although there was a resource in the website of CVS about doing it using the command line. Following the step by step guide there, I found out that the problem I had setting it up before was that I didn't initialise the directory I wanted CVS to use... Therefore, finding out that it is so easy to setup local CVS in Netbeans I decided to create a small tutorial explaining the steps.

Setting up a local CVS in Netbeans 4.1

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