Sunday, August 13, 2006

Removal of Demand OpenDocument banner

After a successful campaign, Microsoft agreed to create a tool that exports any Office file to the OpenDocument format. This is really a big success of the open source community, and very good news for all the users worldwide.
Now, nobody needs to buy Office, or even try to install an illegal copy on their machine. They can do their job with the same ease using Open Office. The best part is that not only Open Office is as easy as MS Office products (if not better), it is FREE. Yes, that's right, it is FREE, which means that you just download it and install it. No need to pay anything!
With the tool that imports and exports OpenDocument documents, you can create documents in Open Office and when you pass them on, if someone is using MS Office, he/she will have to import it to MS Office using this converter. The converter is currently a beta, and works only with Word 2007, to open and save ODF (OpenDocument) files, but more converters are on the way.
Demand OpenDocument

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