Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bye bye MyJavaServer

It makes me sad that after the acquisition of myjavaserver.com by javalobby, this very good free java host did worse than before. Everybody was saying, and hoping, that it would be better for myjavaserver but unfortunately that was proven wrong.

My personal website is hosted in myjavaserver (MJS), and design wise I had connected the website with the blog. Some images were hosted in MJS and shown in blogger. That was until Rick Ross decided to declare war. Here is a screenshot taken on 250308 after Mr. Ross decided to serve the picture shown below for every hot-linked graphics file used from MJS in another server.

Here is a post from the messaging board of MJS that Rick Ross himself wrote:

MJS is here to help people explore and learn about server-side Java developemtn. Increasinly the system is being exploited by people who think it is their free hosting system for whatever they want, including porno, warez, and photos for their EBay listings.

BE WARNED: if your account has no apparent connection to software development, then it will be deleted on sight with no questions asked. This is not a joke. If you are using MJS for ANYTHING other than experimentation with server-side Java, then you do not belong here and you should leave.

There will be no exceptions, and we will not engage in discussions with people who are upset that their files are no longer here. Non-developer accounts are "persona non grata" and will be removed.


I never really liked you Rick, because of your opinions and practices, but now I have an even better reason not to like you. What you do is a move against the free and open spirit behind Java and definitely NOT a contribution. MJS was a free host where we could play with JSPs and servlets and host our personal pages created using Java. Your decision pushes the few people that use MJS for the same reason like me to go to a free php host, empowering the dominance of php in small projects like a personal website. A generic description such as "has no apparent connection to software development" doesn't really mean anything and can be interpreted by different people differently. It is obvious that MJS is sinking, just like JavaForge, but I guess this has to do with the profile of the leader/owner and not the dynamic behind a powerful language/platform like Java.

Bye bye myjavaserver, Moving to a free php host :(


Anonymous said...

this is a very sad story...
not only for myjavaserver - also for server side java itself
i liked myjavaserver pretty much -
just found out its gone and there is not too much info about it.
looking for rubyonrailsserver to experiment now

have a nice time

Anonymous said...

Rick Ross sucks.